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“The humble Cumulus humilis – never hurt a soul.”
― Gavin Pretor-Pinney

Today has been a busy one so I only had a chance to nip out with the camera and shoot some clouds. But I think they turned out nice and moody. Tumultuous is a good word. I like that word! I’m off out to the cinema tonight to see Cabin in the moods – it’s had mixed reviews but markets itself as a horror/comedy. It must be good right?

After the endless dry days we had the weather has decided to give us a much needed bout of rain. Or the threat of rain. The sky seems to prefer looking like these shots rather than actually doing much about it. Apart from the odd angry outburst – see yesterdays blog on my epic hail storm dodging.

I just did a quick trek through the local villages and then home again to continue working on some bits so the shots aren’t special but I think they do pretty much sum up the general mood outside right now!

Of course I also got tempted by my favourite tree after being reminded about it yesterday and had to take a quick shot of that too. It’s just starting to sprout so in a few weeks time will make a beautiful summery shot framed against a sunset!

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