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“I realize that when I met you at the turkey curry buffet, I was unforgivably rude, and wearing a reindeer jumper.”
-Mark Darcy – Bridget Jones Diary

I recently watched the second film featuring Bridget Jones and I believe the quote is from the first but nevertheless – both are pretty hilarious films. The quote in particular just sums up Colin Firth don’t you think? Anyway! On with the blog.

Today I photographed Curry. I’m fed up of Blossom, grey clouds, yellow fields, hail stones and rain drops. We had all of those today and a spot of flash flooding on the way out to work in the early hours of the morning. It was not pleasant! I’d rather have been at a Turkey Curry Buffet – yes, with a reindeer jumper on.

So during the latter part of the day I used my immensely late and usually non-existent lunch break to trek into Sainsburys. It was actually an expedition. I drove into the car park amidst pouring rain and incredibly deep puddles which left me huddling in my car answering emails for a good ten minutes before I braved the outdoors. Yes today was the day I chose to wear the not-so-sensible-shoes in terms of being weatherproof. Instead I opted so very wrongly for fashionable. Even though probably the whole day nobody even looked at my shoes. You see how difficult it is being a woman?

But the rain eased, as it inevitably does, giving me the reprieve I needed to launch myself from my car and in the general direction of the supermarket doorway. I stepped in three puddles and immersed my ankles in cold murky water but I braved it. I kept going. Just before I reached the door, with the warmth and dryness of the shop in sight…Lumps of ice pelted themselves down from the sky upon my head. But I kept going. I am British. We keep calm and carry on. Those hailstones must have been the size of bowling balls at least. At LEAST!

On with the Curry. I spent most of my morning job coaching a client at a lunch club. They were making Curry. It smelt so good, and when they got the teeny tiny poppadoms out and started putting them on plates with mango chutney I had to do something about it. So I made the plan to cook Curry for dinner – hence the photos!

Of course Curry is lovely but it’s very filling. What better way to finish it off (much later!) with a bowl of fresh fruit salad…

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