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“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
― Pablo Neruda

The quote today is somewhat fitting to the way in which nature destroyed nature before my very eyes this afternoon. I spent ten minutes photographing the blossoms – ten minutes because I was using my old SLR and it’s surprising how much you get un-used to something.

And blossoms –  because yes I know I keep shooting them but a beautiful bold blossom tree came into full bloom with some wonderful white colours. There are many shades of white – I just realised this!


Anyway the hail came down harder than I’ve seen it for a long time and the air was filled not only with the white hard pellets of ice but also with the soft fluttering petals of the blossom. No sooner had it bloomed than it was stripped from the trees as if it was never meant to be there.

It was rather sad – but beautiful at the same time. The camera did not, of course, do it justice. The good news is that my A550 is back! The bad news is that there appears to be more specks on the sensor in different places than previously…so it has gone back again!But hopefully in the next few days it will be home and ready to be abused with thousands of images. I totall’d my pictures up the other day and realise I’ve taken around 10,000 since January…

Buddy also got in on the shots earlier this evening – when the sun came out for a five minute burst of brightness he decided he would finally pose properly for the camera…


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