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“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.”
― Pablo Picasso

My poor lovely camera went away today to the big bad nasty cleaning people so I thought I would spend most  of the day in mourning. Then I decided that was a silly idea, grabbed my shiny little point and shoot sony cybershot and headed out with a friend down a lumpy pain inducing track!

I couldn’t see the screen of the camera most of the time, being so used to looking in the viewfinder of the DSLR So I was nicely surprised when some of them turned out semi okay! It wasn’t a long walk, but it was nice to explore a bit of a different track – Buddy and Star enjoyed having friends to walk with too!

Today has been an odd one really. But most importantly my lovely Grandad’s Birthday occurred today – so naturally I had to take him cake in the form of a belgian bun! Those things look so pretty! Sadly no pictures, but if you google it you’ll find the awesomeness!

All in all, I think the little cybershot did me proud. I usually use it purely for capturing sunsets, because it enhances and brings out the colours so fantastically. It’s also useful for panoramics, because it does them automatically. The panoramic at the top of this page was done with that function. If you’re looking for an up market camera – technically – but you don’t want to go the SLR route, I would definitely recommend a Sony Cybershot!

Today has gone pretty fast – there hasn’t been much time to think between meetings, cake and photos! I’m hoping that over the coming days I’ll be able to venture out to a few more ‘new’ villages and get some English shots. It’ll probably be raining.

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