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“The earth has music for those who listen.”
― William Shakespeare

The Bluebells sadly, weren’t out. I headed out extra early (for a Sunday) armed with my camera and the ipod loaded with music but all to not much avail! The three locations that are usually filled with bluebells were very green and very empty from the purple hues. It was a shame, but I can only hope that the hoards of bluebells will appear in the coming months as technically it is a bit early!

So instead I went and explored Alresford for a bit and then headed back towards home with a few disheartening shots on the camera. I decided to take a turning off down an old road that’s heads to pretty much nowhere, and parked up to photograph the yellow fields. I was clicking away with the camera when three Deer stuck their heads up making me jump! Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough or armed with the right lens to capture them effectively but I managed something…

After that I headed back home via The Meadow and found my Father there about to wander with the dogs. The Meadow has changed a lot in the past few weeks, budding and blossoming into Spring and all in all being quite beautiful.

The lake looked invitingly clear and fresh – and the nine ducklings zipping their way across it certainly thought so. I was too busy eating an ice cream for breakfast to take any pictures of those. Yes that’s right! Ice cream! I underestimated the temperature as the wind was icy cold!

The rest of the day was spent with family – in particularly Grandad as it’s his Birthday tomorrow. April is certainly the month for Birthdays it seems! So there was little opportunity for any more photography. However I am hopeful that next weekend will yield some results with the Bluebells!

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