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“Drip Drip Drop little April Showers” 

My planned trip to find some Bluebells failed this morning when my alarm went off extra early as planned – but the outside world was grey and it was raining! It’s obviously a sign that I should use today wisely and finish off my law essay  especially as the weather forecast for tomorrow is sunny all day!

So instead I headed outside with the camera to see if I could make the most of the weather before getting on with un-exciting things such as essays. I’ve got a nice lazy Saturday planned actually since I bought the DVD Sarah’s Key last week so I shall reward myself with it this evening and settle down with the duvet and the film!

I like rain and I like green – so it seemed to be a nice mix when the droplets posed upon the leaves for me! I didn’t have the patience to use a tripod though, which is my own fault!

So then I started googling April Showers and caught the Bambi video with the song attached – childhood memories came flooding back! I still haven’t watched Bambi II…

I can’t quite believe that we’re halfway through April already – the year is going so fast! University is ticking along and work is getting busy – soon it will be Christmas! Maybe…

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