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“Trying to find my umbrella,
But I don’t know where to begin…”

– KT Tunstall (Under the Weather)

Today has been so busy! I didn’t manage to grab my photos for the day until I was heading home at around 5pm. By that time the storm clouds were rolling in once more and the hail and rain was making an appearance.

Whilst everyone else was happily driving home through flash floods in their nice warm cars, there was I – stood on the side of the road without a coat, snapping happily away!

It was most definitely a special moment. The contrast of sunshine and grey clouds has made for some rather moody photography lately, and I’ve enjoyed playing around with the tones to try and get the best effect. But this blog isn’t all Black and White – Promise!

The Bunnies was just beautiful in the evening light – maybe not quite as beautiful as shown! But the rolling clouds and the deep reflections added to an already stormy atmosphere. The bunnies is a small road which joins the road to Chilbolton with the Road to Longstock/Leckford. It’s quite, nobody ever really goes down there aside from to use it as a cut through and so the general feeling is peaceful. Definitely the best place to stop for a breather after a busy day!

I think it was worth braving the rain, in the end. I didn’t put as much effort in as yesterday but then it’s now Day One Hundred and One – so it’s not that much of a landmark anymore! This coming weekend once my law essays are written I hope to venture further afield and find a bit more of an interesting canvas to shoot.

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