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“Everywhere You Go, Always Take the Weather With You…”
– Crowded House –

It’s day 100…Day One Hundred! They said we’d never make it, but we knew we’d get there someday! I started today with some rather poor attempts at photographing the blossom outside. But it wasn’t good enough for day one hundred – I wanted more. I wanted to photograph The Weather. So I did, inadvertently really!

Today was pure luck in all the forms really. I almost ALMOST gave my camera up to my parents in order for them to take it off for its weekly clean. Since it’s my Birthday next Friday and it’s tradition that they get my camera cleaned for me (Glamorous yes!) I had to start planning when I’m going to do without it. I do have another D-SLR and a point and shoot, but that’s not the point. My A550 is my baby. It has live view and everything. If I were to be parted from it I would have to downgrade to a trusty A200!

It will have to go soon though, photographs don’t fall off of my camera anymore. They have to be worked on before they can be shown to the big wide world. I have an unfortunate amount of dust specks inside the sensor (yes I KNOW I’m terrible) which have to be removed from the lighter shots that I take. I’ll be more careful next time I promise.

I went on the walk – which felt like ten miles but was actually 2.5 – with one of my friends and her herd of doggies. She brought along two little jack Russells and a Rupert – I forgot what breed he is! All gorgeous dogs and all quite keen on Buddy and Star. Buddy attached himself to Rupert, who wasn’t really bothered by making friends but only wanted his ball – but Buddy took a definite er, liking to him!

The sunshine was beautiful, but the dark clouds crept up behind us. It made for some fabulous photography – but then the rain came. And the Hail. And then the Thunder. It was a proper storm!

I am so tremendously pleased with the shots that I got today – really pleased. Also quite pleased that I walked as far as I did with my lungs in the current recovering state that they are making from the four days of coughing I’ve just had! It was refreshing though – and worth it.

So there we go! Day one hundred is upon me and I think I’ve done it proud – what do you think? ;)

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