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“There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with CHOCOLATE.”

– Linda Grayson

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it – and Happy Sunday to those who don’t! Chocolate has been consumed, which does nothing to promote the cough getting better but what can you do? It was only a couple of squares of cadburys caramel…Harmless…! I’m not 100% better yet, not even 60% probably. But I certainly feel like I have a bit more energy than yesterday afternoon and evening when I ended up falling asleep in my chair! (I am almost 23 after all).

I had some extra special help in making today’s shots un-bland! I’ve not been ambitious with shooting and so favored some pretty roses that were in the house. I also thought it would be fitting to post a poem I wrote in 2009 – which sort of compliments roses and in particular yellow ones!

The Rose

The colour of wine, the richest sort,
And in arguments, the last resort,
The red rose given, a sign of love,
A perfect match like hand to glove.

The colour of blood and beating heart,
A token of love in times apart,
They, without words, say ‘I love you.’
And on acceptance, ‘I love you too.’

But a yellow rose amongst the red,
Gives to you the words unsaid,
And before the rose of love impends,
Yellow symbolizes true friends.

One day you’ll find the man that knows,
The importance of a yellow rose,
When pondering bunches of red for you,
He will slip a yellow rose in too.

And after that slightly corny interlude let us move on to less mushy things such as blue flowers! These are beautiful – I’m not even sure what they are, I should probably try and find out more often. Any advances on their identity would be greatly appreciated.

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