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“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”
― Mark Twain

Sound advice from Mr Twain right there! I won’t be trying it in a hurry but if this chesty cough continues then I might be lining up the frogs pretty soon! I’m so ill – I’ve not felt this ill in a long time. After a day of coughing yesterday I awoke in so much pain. My ribs seem to have protested greatly to the amount of coughing i’ve done, so much so that my body won’t even let me cough anymore without putting up a huge protest. Oh the pain!

Right that’s my moan over. Having said all of the above, I was showered, dressed and on the road by eight am this morning armed with the camera and the inspiration of the beautifully yellow oilseed rape fields that seem to have sprung up over the past few days.

I found the perfect shot of a pheasant stood on a rather tall tree stump, framed behind him were the yellow fields you see above. However I passed him in the car, and so instead of stopping, getting out and stalking him, I reversed with all the noise and announcement possible until we were level. I pressed the passenger window down and he started walking backwards whilst eyeballing me! Before I could even warn him, he had fallen of the stump. Whoops!

I didn’t spend too long out, since at every opportunity the dreaded cough reared its ugly head. And no, that wasn’t what scared the Pheasant! I just knew that I wanted to get out and shoot something different, and spend a little bit of time over it. Okay it’s landscapes yet again – but different ones! The yellow fields don’t stay around long that’s for sure! On the way home I got to some crossroads and saw that there were already some Bluebells out. Beautiful ones too!

I fear the rest of Easter may be spent inside, so I’m making the most of these images – they may be the last I see of the outdoor world for quite some time! The rest of the day has been pretty overcast and threatening of rain. Although we’ve not had any of it sadly, we do need it!

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