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Whilst browsing for quotes today I found all sorts of gems. Like how knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit and wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad. Or that garlic is to salad as insanity is to Art. So in the end I stopped focusing on Salad photos and decided to photograph the little quotes that hang around the house. Yes, really!  On the subject of quotes I wanted to draw attention to Gemma Goode. She’s really what inspired me to start adding quotes to my daily blogs right back at the start of the 365 challenge. Gemma takes beautiful quotes and typographically illustrates them in her own unique style. Like this ! Which is by far my favorite right back on Day Five. You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to leave the shore. She’s well worth following either on her Facebook link or via deviantART to get a bit of daily inspiration.

On the subject of unrelated things – I’d like to just mention that I’m having a ‘sort-of’ competition on my Photography facebook page. When I turned 21 I spent a weekend in London being – well – a tourist. Despite living only an hour or so away! I loved it, and I took a fair few photographs that have proven popular ever since as I’ve sold many! In honour of the 2012 Olympics being based primarily in London this year I decided to give away two prints each month until it all kicks off. The prints aren’t on their own though! They are either framed or mounted so they’re in a pretty nice condition. There are varying sizes and images and what you get is just pot luck. So, what do you have to do to be in with a chance? All you need to do is comment on my facebook photography page right here . The draw at the end of April will be completely fair with all names going into a hat and then two pulled out. Maybe a pot. Or a box. But you get the idea!

So anyway! On with today’s photographs. They’re not entirely creative or ‘different’ but the things I photographed are a part of my life. I love little quotes and sayings – vintagey type hearts and ornaments. I don’t like clutter though, so I’m very select with what I do have!

I thought that since the 365 challenge is just as much about photographing different things as it is about documenting 2012 and my ‘life’ in a sense – that it would be okay to deviate from the nature/scenery/villages and so on and aim for something easy yet cute. Other than Buddy..!

If anyone ever wondered where I get most of my daily quotes from – it’s a website called Good Reads. On the site you can browse quotes by typing in keywords, or you can browse for your favourite authors and find a whole database of their quotes there to have a look through. I especially like having a read of the listings under Terry Pratchett. Check it out if you’re interested – it’s worth it!

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