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“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”
― Maya Angelou

After a week of sunshine, clear blue skies and starry nights – it’s all come to an end. Well it had to didn’t it – this is England after all! I don’t think anyone quite realised how much of a change we would be getting though. Last week much of the country bathed in temperatures exceeding 20 degrees celcius – this week a lot of Britain is covered in snow.

The South hasn’t seen any snow today – I doubt we will although we are forecast a pile of it for tomorrow. Driving around with the windows open and sunglasses on during work today made it very hard to believe that we’d have anything remotely like snow coming from the sky any time soon!

The day started out cold looking – with stormy clouds against a blue sky. The sun rose and cast a fantastic light across it all too which meant I grabbed the camera during work preparations and started taking a few brief snaps.

I hung out of the upstairs window again to capture much of these! It paid off somewhat – however it does mean that today’s blog is about – clouds!

They are beautiful – breathtaking – in the right light and with intriguing angles and tilts they appear even more as if they are out of this world. I love sunsets against clouds, but unfortunately it had greyed over enough this evening that there was no real sunset.

The good news is that we’ve got a sofa! After ours was ‘stolen’ on April fools day. Actually it was sold on Ebay to someone from London. Apparently he buys sofa’s and then takes them to Georgia – his home country. Or his wife. We weren’t sure. I presume he doesn’t take them as hand luggage anyway! So as an aside from the clouds here’s a shot of the cosy sitting room after the sofa’s had been installed…shame we went to DFS though, I did hear bad things about them! None of the chairs has escaped significant damage which means they will likely be returned!


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