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β€œIt was a Monday and they walked on a tightrope to the sun.”
― Markus Zusak

Today has been another busy one – warm and a bit sunny which helped the transition from weekend to Monday at least! I took a few shots outside – making the most of the warm weather because on Wednesday we are forecast snow! Crazy world isn’t it!

I was hoping that the little pond we have in the garden would be full of frog spawn just waiting to be photographed. Sadly it wasn’t. I think this year the frogs have skipped having fun in our humble pond! The pond is actually a cattle trough sunken into the flower bed – no leaks! It’s perfect, better than battling with lining and that anyway.The only downside is that cattle trough ponds will always be one shape and size!

Then I photographed the shed – and the old fashioned railway station clock that we have hanging on the side of it – love it! It’s so vintagey looking and warm. It doesn’t tell the correct time though of course!

Other than that I once again have little of interest to share! I hope Monday has gone well for everyone…

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